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with you. You took away my dream. I wanted to play college ball. I had a promise from the coach at BC that he would offer me a scholarship to play big time college basketball there. Now I will never know if I would have been good enough to make it. I will always wonder, and regret not having had my chance." Of course, Bronwyn knew all this. Laurel had cried herself to sleep in her arms every night for weeks, furiously berating herself indian xnxx for doing her duty to the Sisterhood. Bronwyn simply xnxx indian did not understand it. How xxnxx could any caring person want basketball more than having the power to help people? "Seems like a small dream to me, compared to what you xnxx tamil could become and to the things you could accomplish with your life now that you have been Transformed." Bronwyn said in a matter of fact tone that suggested Jacqui should stop whining. "Besides, you are going to college in any case. The Sisterhood is paying all your expenses to any college you want to attend. Staying in town to go xxx video to school was purely your xnxx com own choice, you know." "But it was my dream, Bronwyn. With the emphasis on the *my* and the emphasis on the *was*." Jacqui's voice was hoarse with suppressed emotion. "Even when I do manage to undo this . . this change, nothing will be the same as it xnx would have been indian xnxx or xnxx. could have been. Even if I change back to the way I was, to the age I was at the moment of Transformation, who will remember Jack xxn Donovan then? Who will offer him a scholarship to play ball? Will your Sisterhood willingly expend the power xxx videos necessary to give me back the life history I did not actually get a chance to live during the years I was a female? It is one thing to change records so that a John bokep xnxx becomes xnxx teen a Jacqueline who has mostly the same history as the pre- Transformed male. I bet it is another thing entirely to invent a whole lifetime of records and memories for the rest of the world." She stopped to look at Bronwyn and saw the grudging agreement in her expression. "Thought so. And another thing, this doing-good-for-others thing of yours. If that is your dream, I accept it - for you, but it wasn't and isn't my dream. xxnx I am not sure I even have dreams anymore. xnxx com/ I don't want yours and I can't have mine." The girl understood far more than Bronwyn had expected or xnxx telugu wanted her to understand. The Sisterhood could accomplish many things, but what Jacqui would need to become Jack again and play in a major college program was simply too complex a conjuring for them to undertake with any hope of complete success. And complete success is precisely what they would have to achieve because even the smallest mistake would lead to questions he could not answer. The Sisterhood would also risk discovery if xnxx movies they took such precipitous action on his behalf. xvideo He was correct. There was nothing they could do that would give back what she claimed they had taken from her. Claimed, nothing, Bronwyn thought bitterly. They *had* stolen her dreams because the Sisterhood, in its arrogance, had xnxx weighed Jack's dream against their need and found the dream wanting. xnxx indonesia "We have wronged you terribly, then. You still intend to reverse the Transformation at the earliest opportunity?" A sad bleak look. "I don't know, Bronwyn. My feelings on Jack versus Jacqui run the whole spectrum. Most times, my answer is not only yes, but *HELL YES*, Transform me back - yesterday! But as we just discussed, the dream that drove me most sex videos video xnxx of my high school life is lost to me. When I think of it that way, I just feel like saying "the hell with it". I will have to start essentially gay xnxx from scratch in either case. Then, there are those rare times, like immediately after making love with you, for example. In those moments, I actually think that there is a chance that my life as Jacqui might be even better than my life as an un-Transformed Jack could have videos xnxx been. And I hate to admit this xnxx korea - because I detest such weakness in myself - there are those other times?" Jacqui lifted her brows xnxx anime at Bronwyn as her voice dropped even lower, "Those very lonely, scary dark times when I feel there is no place in this world for Jack or Jacqui, anymore - times when I just want it all to end." "END?!?!?" Fear clogged Bronwyn's throat and made the words a squeak. "As in the *final* end?" The girl nodded jerkily. "Oh, Jacqui, you xnxx anime mustn't. It would destroy your xnxx/ Mother. xnxx tv She was not alone in this. It was not her decision alone to Transform you and then limit your options so severely afterwards. We of the xnxx india Sisterhood did it with her; *we* asked her to Transform you; *we* told her that it was the correct thing to do. *We* free porn told her to craft the spell so that only you, with the fullness of your own power, could xxxx undo the Transformation. If you . . " Bronwyn had to brace herself before she could even say it aloud, "do yourself harm www xnxx com over this, xxx video because of what *we* asked her to do to you, it will kill her. She is a healer." "I know that. It is what xvideo stopped me the one time I came close to . . doing it, and why videos xnxx I won't do it in the future. I love her. She is my Mum." In a very quiet voice. "She likes hearing xxx xnxx that from you very much, Jacqui." "I know that, and I try to say it to her often. It is xxxx just that sometimes, I can't get past the bitterness and the hurt." "Hurting goes both ways, luv. You are both healers. Perhaps you could heal each other?" "I don't know, xnxx selingkuh Bronwyn. Maybe. After yesterday, I think we can. I have the entire, long summer to decide." You have the summer now that you xnxx jepang have forced your Mother to set aside her damnable plan to sacrifice xnxx cina her life so you could have your male life back, Bronwyn thought gratefully. "So what will you do? About the magic and mastering the Transformation Spell?" "Continue with it as best I can. As you know, I xnxx japanese am not going away for college, so I can continue taking instruction with Mother. Maybe I will figure it out sooner or later. When xnxx. I do, I want the option of being able to act upon the option." Then, Jacqui remembered the question she wanted answered immediately after she penetrated Bronwyn's disguise as Bonnie. "So what happens now that I know the truth about you?" "What do you mean, luv?" "I will miss Bonnie. She was my only real friend. Is she, or rather, are you going to just disappear from my life, now?" Bronwyn was on her feet in a flash and pulled the girl into a xxx videos tight embrace. "Goddess above, what indo xnxx an awful idea. Bonnie or Bronwyn, I love you, Jacqui. You are important to me. I will always be with you. In fact, now that you are strong enough to see through my disguise, I can undertake to help your xnxx sex Mom in your training. There are some aspects of the craft that I am much better at than she is." "But what about . . ." she broke off, embarrassed to even continue the question. Bronwyn arched back so she could see into nxxn the girl's eyes. "What about. . . what, dear?" Blushing furiously, but refusing to be deterred from something so important to her. porn xnxx "What about sex. . . I mean, making love?" The light went on in Bronwyn's mind. She pulled the girl back to her xnxx asia and kissed her fiercely. When they www xnxx were both breathless and heatedly aroused, she broke the kiss and rasped "Does *that* answer your question, you silly girl? I love you and I want you, and the only way to keep me out xxnxx of your bed is xnxx barat to kick me out. Got that?" A foolish grin lit Jacqui's face. "Got it, and after that kiss, I have something else, too. A burning need. Care to video xnxx join me upstairs to stoke that fire a little before we put it out?" She held out a hand which the older woman enthusiastically took in her own. "It will be interesting to find out if an older lady like you can keep up with me." she added saucily. Bronwyn's https // mouth fell open in stunned amazement. "Why you little . . xnxx selingkuh ." Her mouth snapped shut as an evil sparkle lit her eyes. "Well, I can tell it is time to start teaching you things that Bonnie was afraid xnxx/ free porn would scare you off screaming to your Mommy. Come along, Miss Smartie Britches. I am going to indoctrinate you into the more xnxx desi sexy aspects of spanking. *You* need one." And then Bronwyn began to drag a suddenly uncertain Jacqui upstairs by her ear. A xnxx indo Change of Direction Chapter 19 An Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 9 months 12 days A. T. Wow! Bronwyn is Bonnie and Bronwyn is also one of Mom's witch xnxx sex video pals. She is porno also sexy as hell, just not so blatantly built as Bonnie. Her beauty sneaks up on you. xnnx She's just so. . xnxx porn . sleek-looking. Her breasts are small, but they fit so neatly in my hands and are they ever sensitive. I made her cum just by licking and nuzzling them, today. She *spanked* me. Lit a fire in my insides, let me tell you, and with my *own* hair brush, too. I never thought getting your bottom whacked could be sexy, but it sure was. She actually made me orgasm by spanking alone. Okay, so my clitoris was bouncing off her knee in rhythm to the swats, but still, it sure shocked the hell out of me. And video porno that is xnnn not the only thing xnnn that shocked me. Guess who came back from the store while I was xnxx .com getting my butt whaled? I must admit to not being a stoic. I was screaming my head off sex when Mom came charging to my rescue. I really tried to get up off Bron's knees so gay xnxx I could go hide, but the sneak wouldn't let me up. Mom recovered a lot wwwxnxx quicker than I did, making some pithy remark about being "de trops" and asking if it was "a private party, or can anyone join in?" Me? I was too stunned to say anything, but Bronwyn just invited her porno xnxx to come mom xnxx in and get comfortable. She did get comfortable, if you consider being *naked* to be comfortable, really quick. Next thing I know, she has her oh- so-very cool hand resting on my fiery hot butt and is trailing her fingers in between my legs. I tried to close them, but I was too late. She had a firm finger-hold on my clit. They can talk all they want to about a hard dick having no conscience. I can now state with some authority that a xnxx .com hot clitoris doesn't xnxx app have much xnxx sex videos of a conscience, either. On second thought, is that aspect something xnxx stories unique to me, and my still male based xnxx .com view of sex and sexuality? I mean, when I get horny, I get horny. Instead of getting an erection, though, a whole different range of physical reactions happen xnxx porn now, but in my head, I xnxx videos am still *horny*. And I trust Mom and Bronwyn, so I felt safe, if a little immoral when Mom joined the party. I don't know how I would react if a really good looking older woman that I did not know and xnxx tv trust like I do with Mom started to play with me like that. Somehow, I don't think I wwwxnxx would liked it or responded to her as I did to Mom. How Jack might have reacted is a completely different matter. I can't say for certain how I porn videos would have reacted as Jack if xnxx anime that same good looking older lady came on to him because it never happened. What I *think* would have happened videos xnxx is that she could have led me anywhere she wanted to, as long as xnxx jepang she had a firm grip on Jack's penis. Maybe being six foot four inches tall and weighing japan xnxx 220 lbs has something to do with that. I could trust myself in those situations, then. Trusting someone is much more important to me as Jacqui than it was as xnxx desi Jack. It is xnxxx harder, too. Mom makes love xxx very nicely. She is so incredibly giving. I practically had to hold her down to make her let me reciprocate. That was fun, too. I liked feeling xnxx hindi her fight and squirm as I tried to hold her still on the bed. I wonder if witches play with xxn ropes and chains? If Mom is going to be a regular in my bed, xnxx video I sure would xnxx 2019 like to see how she looked all stretched out and helpless. Is that residual anger talking? Lord, I hope not. Besides, she really would look sexy as hell that way. Mom is built! I wonder why Jack indo xnxx never xnxx video noticed that before? Before I forget it. I am going to make sure I get spanked again. I wonder if Mom and Bronwyn like being spanked, too. Hmmmm.. that leaves another very interesting question I need to consider. What would Marcus think of xnxx india spanking games? Well, he is a lot stronger porn xnxx and a xnxx asia lot less experienced than xnxx mom Bronwyn. I am not sure I want my butt to be the xnxx desi one he learns on. Learning implies making mistakes which I would prefer *not* be made on *my* tender little backside. I think I will table that idea for awhile. Unless. . . . I wonder how Marcus would feel about *getting* a spanking? A little oral reward for his bravery under fire, perhaps? Mmmmmmmm. I *like* that idea. xnxx jav I have been wondering about what his butt looks like up close. So far, all I've seen bare is his front. You xnxx/ can come back, Jack. I am through zoo xnxx fantasizing for a while. Bronwyn is going to teach me how to work some of what she calls "the deception magicks", too. From what I gather, xnxn that entails xnxx vina garut illusions and what she xnxx. com calls "shape-shifting". That is evidently what she did when she xnxxcom became Bonnie. She told me that shape-shifting is different from Transforming in that the essential things (like xvideos gender) remain unchanged. It is more like a very good Halloween costume than a Transformation. After I learn that, I guess sex I could look like Jack, and I could cast an illusion that would give me the appearance of male genitalia, but I would still be a girl and I would still have all the female plumbing. Not sure what good knowing that stuff will do me, but Bronwyn assured me that it is all part of learning what I will need to know so that I can do what I have to do. She also told me she knows about my wishes with respect to becoming Jack again, and that she has promised my Mom to help me all she can. Why doesn't that make me feel as good sex as it ought to make me feel? End Journal Entry. https // **************** The xnxx cina Brotherhood's new xxnn Chief of Investigations and Information came into japan xnxx Lancaster's office. The old one had not learned the names of the Sisterhood's leadership quickly enough to suit the High Leader and had paid for his failure with his protracted and very painful death. The new man rued his former superior's failure xnxx gay xnxx app because it meant that he was now the man on the hot seat and he was not any closer than his departed boss had been to finding the answers the High Leader demanded. He only hoped that this chance bit of information zoo xnxx would buy him a little more time. Lancaster looked up and gave the man a withering look. "Yes? What is it?" "Sir, we have been keeping a loose surveillance on that family in San Bernadino per porn videos your orders. Periodically, we run computer checks of xnxx tv the local databases in that area, trying to find xnxx mom irregularities that might give hints of Sisterhood operations there." Lancaster knew all that. He'd given that fool who'd failed him those precise orders personally. "So?" he snarled, pleased to see this new lackey quail before his power. Fighting to keep his voice from quavering, the chief continued. "Sir, we have found an abnormality during one of scans of the school district computers sex video for the school the xnxx cina daughter attends. Only it does not relate to her directly, but rather, xnxx indonesia to the xnxx jav friend she has spent so much time with over the course of the year." Intrigued in spite of himself, Lancaster sat back and settled to listen. "Proceed." he ordered. "Yes sir. Two weeks ago, and in all previous scans of that computer, records existed for one Bonnie Maria Davis. On further review of other machines in the local area, similar entries in that name were also found. This was verified using your own Dark Power sealed computer records, sir. Yesterday's scan showed no signs that such a person ever existed, either at the school or in any other system that had previously contained record of her. Furthermore, upon a scan of the Social Security System computers, we found that xxx xnxx jav there never was any entry corresponding to this person." Lancaster brooded for www xnxx com a while on that. "Analysis?" "Speculation only, sir. We believe that for reasons known only to themselves, the Sisterhood has sent one of their own, disguised as another teen, to xnxx selingkuh support the daughter in some way. We don't have a lot of data on Sisterhood procedures for guiding the transition of one of their xxnx new Sisters, but what intelligence we do have suggests that such an intervention is not the norm and should be regarded as irregular." Lancaster digested that. That analysis xnxx hd meshed with what he thought about the situation. And if the bitches did have to bring in extra help with this one, what did that mean? Was it in someway significant? Was she porn or the xnxx teen mother someone special in the Sisterhood, xxn or was this transition simply particularly difficult? What if, given the scanty nature of the Brotherhood's data on the subject, that this additional intervention was actually not uncommon? What if bokep xnxx the Brotherhood had xxx videos simply tamil xnxx missed the presence of the supporting Sister acting as a safety net for the one in transition before this? No, Lancaster mused, this *was* something xnxx hindi different, xnxx arab and xnxx indian unexpected. There was something there he could use against them, he just japanese xnxx did not xnxx telugu yet know what it was. He would be patient. He still was not ready in all respects xnxx download to go up against the Sisterhood. "Maintain your surveillance." he snapped out the order. "Pay particular xnxx porno attention to who comes and goes at the woman's house. Let me know instantly if the missing woman reappears. I https // don't think she will, video porno but we must be ready if she does." Yes, there was something out of the ordinary here. "Good Job, Chief. See that you continue to do as well. You are dismissed." Lancaster savored the pleasure of watching the man scurry porn videos out of his office like a frightened xnxx sex rabbit. ~--------~ A Change of Direction Chapter 20 Graduation day finally arrived and Jacqui took the top honors in Science and Mathematics. She missed out on one of the top three slots overall because her single minded focus in her strong areas resulted in a couple of "B"'s in other courses. Still, she and her Mother were xvideo proud of her accomplishments. Jacqui's xnxx japanese only real regret was that Bonnie, as Bronwyn, was seated in the sunny leone xnxx auditorium as a guest and was not beside her on the stage. Only after xnxxx the ceremony had concluded and she had joined her Mom and Bronwyn for the reception did Jacqui realize how remarkable that fact was. Her *only* regret about this day's events had nothing to xnxx barat do with xnxx com the circumstances of her Transformation, but rather with the xnxx simple fact that she missed a presence that only she and her Mother now remembered. Pensively, she tried to reconcile that with how she sex xnxx had thought she'd feel. Perhaps, she thought, I feel this way because *this* part of my life was really not changed. Heck, xnxx sex videos Jack probably would have not done as well as I did, since he would sex video have had a lot more distractions to deal with, given the NCAA offer and all. No, xnxx indo this day, in any case, she was where she vina garut xnxx would have been, regardless of the Transformation, and it really did not make a difference to her that she was wearing a xxnn dress and heels instead of a suit and tie. Happily, she posed with her friends from the basketball team, and other girls she gay xnxx had grown fond of over the year. Tamika was there in a cast, but she was there. Jacqui felt proud of her part in that. She posed with Marcus, vina garut xnxx and even slipped in a little kiss that her Mother dutifully caught on film. But the best picture of all, was the one Marcus www.xnxx took of her, standing between her Mom and Bronwyn. What made that picture so special was so simple it sunny leone xnxx was complicated. In that instant Jacqui knew, that regardless of what she did or decided, she would forever after treasure that picture and that memory. Her Mom. Her Best xnxx porno Friend. Herself. All of them together and happy. The festivities and celebration went long into the night, ending with the three exhausted women tamil xnxx snuggled together in mom xnxx Laurie's xnxx japan bed. Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 10 months 17 days A. T. I am a xxx video High School Graduate. Mom and Bronwyn went out of their way to make the day extra special and the gifts were wonderful. Bronwyn gave me a "blank check" for xnxn the laptop computer of my choice for college, since she was xvideos "certain she'd buy exactly the wrong thing." Mom porno gave me a gift certificate at the clothing store she knows I like so that I can go buy my own college clothes. Said she trusted my taste and wanted me to be comfortable at college. vidio xnxx She also said that I had learned everything I need to know about being a "very girly-type girl". I *think* that she intended that to be a compliment. Knowing Mom, it probably was although Jack is still squirming over it. I cast my first xnxx japanese solo illusion spell today, too. I wasn't mean about it, either. Although I did want to do something to that damn principal. I thought about it, too. I still wonder what would have happened xnxx. if everyone in the vidio xnxx auditorium saw him in a miniskirt. Mom would have had conniptions, though. So, I did a nice thing, instead. One of the really lonely xxx xnxx guys xnxxcom at school xnnx got a kiss on the cheek today from the girl he site xnxx has a horrendous crush on. Which he would not have gotten otherwise because she is a snooty, stuck-on-herself bitch. Actually, it was me. Since I am a girl, the "fool the xnxx download eye-only" limitation on illusions was not a problem. Even if my looks were the only thing altered, and only in the eyes of my beholders, a xnxx app girl still feels like a girl when you get hugged. And since a lot of folks saw "me"/her bokep xnxx do it, she is having to pretend to like the guy or get teased mercilessly by her "ours doesn't stink" clique of friends. He's japanese xnxx a nice person - maybe some of that will rub off on her. I am going to try another, more complicated illusion later on, for my eyes only. Oh, I forgot my best present. Mom demanded to know my most secret fantasy. I think I shocked her when I mumbled xnxx hd something about tying her to the bed, but she went right along tamil xnxx with it. I was right, though, she *is* beautiful xnxx com/ all stretched out tight www.xnxx like that. Her skin xnx is so different from mine, video porno all golden and light where I look like a beach bunny with an all over tan. I loved watching the play and strain of her muscles under her glistening skin as Bronwyn and I pulled her tight with the scarves we used to tie her up. Frankly though, once I had her that way, I was at something of a loss as to what to do next. Fortunately, Bronwyn was not at a loss. She had these incredible, long feathers xnxx vina garut with her. I never knew that Mom was xnxx stories *that* ticklish or that you could make someone climax from tickling. I found out those little facts later in the evening, first hand. Mom's not the only ticklish member of this family who can be forced to an orgasm (okay, *several* orgasms) with tickle torture. Mom exacted her revenge on me as soon as we set her loose. vina garut xnxx She and Bronwyn ganged up on me (so what if I did not fight *too* hard) and had me gasping with laughter - sex xnxx and orgasms in xnxx sex videos very short order. Love and Laughter - it is not a bad xnxx sex video combination. I would never have thought so as Jack. I wonder if that was because of my male indo xnxx ego or my male dignity? Bronwyn slipped out xnxx videos of getting her turn with the feathers, though. Mom and I were just xnxx korea too shagged to take her down after they'd finished with me, but I xnxx movies have an excellent memory. An excellent imagination, too, and the mental image of the cool, reserved Bronwyn nearly xnxx tamil peeing her panties in laughter is too xnxx jepang much to resist. You know what? I just realized. I am actually happy. Amazing. xnxx com/ End of Journal Entry. **************** Laurie decided to take advantage of Jacqui's apparent absence to take a peek in her room. She needed to check out her daughter's wardrobe for any missing college necessities. xnxx bokep Without announcing herself in any way, Laurie entered her daughter's supposedly empty room. And nearly had her heart stop. There, standing in front of the mirror, was the son she had not seen in nearly a year. She desi xnxx almost spoke his name aloud, but her xnxx barat heart was beating so fast, she could not get the word xxnxx out. She just stood xnxx. com there, looking at him. How desi xnxx had he done it? Had xnxx bokep Bronwyn discovered a way to break her enchantment? Perhaps by calling upon the sum total of the entire Sisterhood's power, her friend had found a way to break that benighted, misguided spell. Odd sex videos how he looked now - easily recognizable as xnxx video her son, but different somehow. What was it, she wondered. Then it hit her. The skin color - it was the color of Jacqui's www.xnxx skin, the dark olive tones of their gypsy ancestors xnxx arab and not the lighter skin shade of Jack's Scandinavian father. It was then that Jack noticed her reflection in xnxx asia the mirror. "Looks all wrong, doesn't it, Mom?" came the soft alto voice of her daughter. An instant later, her son was again replaced by the daughter he had become. "I can't even remember how I used to look." she said with an ironic twist to her full lips. "I've tried that illusion countless times since I finally got the hang of the magic. I have been trying to remember what it felt like to look like Jack, but I can't even remember xvideos enough about my own face to make a passable illusion of porn xnxx myself. Every time I try it, I come out as some amalgamation of Jack and Jacqui." "Is that so very bad? Jacqui is a very nice, very attractive person." "Thanks. I love you, too, but the point is I don't know nxxn Jack anymore. At xnxx hot least, I don't know the Jack I used to be anymore. Who will he be, Mom, in www xnxx that future time when he is once again who I am?" Once again who you are, Laurie thought morosely. The question that wwwxnxx had haunted xnxx bokep her for months, of video xnxx what had not gone right for her daughter reared again. What made her daughter long so fervently for the male life xnxx japan she'd lost the night Laurie xnxx 2019 had Transformed her? For her daughter, though, she made the effort xnxx hot to lock that hurt deep inside her soul and to keep a positive spin sex xnxx on her words. site xnxx xnxx gay "He will be the sum total of your experiences, good and bad, my love. Those are what will have shaped porn porno xnxx the person you will become. In your case, they will be part male and part female; boy-child, adolescent male, and tee